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Welcome to Gaya Digest, your go-to source for news, lifestyle, and insights tailored for the vibrant communities of Gold rate enthusiasts, UAE, Saudi, and Indian expats. Gaya Digest is a proud member of Lemon Dot Media Private Limited, a dynamic media company committed to delivering high-quality content to diverse audiences.

Why Advertise with Us?

1. Extensive Reach:
– Average 90 days Pageviews: 1.5 Million
– Facebook Followers: 47,000
– Twitter Reach: 50,000

Google Discover Data of Gaya Digest
Google Discover Data of Gaya Digest

Search Result Of Gaya Digest Data

Our platform offers unparalleled visibility, with a significant online presence and a robust social media following. Your brand will be exposed to a large and engaged audience.

2. Niche Audience:
– Targeting Gold rate enthusiasts, UAE, Saudi, and Indian expats

Gaya Digest caters to a specific and valuable demographic. Advertise with us to connect with an audience passionate about Gold rates and the expatriate lifestyle in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India.

3. Trusted Platform:
– Google News presence
– Part of Lemon Dot Media Private Limited

Being featured on Google News enhances our credibility, and as a part of Lemon Dot Media Private Limited, we uphold the highest standards of journalism and content delivery.

Ad Placement Options

Explore various advertising opportunities to suit your brand’s needs:

1. Banner Ads:
– Prominently featured on our website for maximum visibility.

2. Sponsored Content:
– Integrate your brand seamlessly into our content, reaching our engaged readers in a meaningful way.

3. Social Media Campaigns:
– Leverage our active social media platforms for targeted advertising and brand promotion.

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Ready to showcase your brand to our audience? Contact our advertising team to discuss customized packages and explore the best options for your marketing goals.


Phone: +91-8340 457 649

We look forward to partnering with you and creating impactful advertising campaigns that resonate with our audience.

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